COVID -19 Safety Measures On Site


It is important to us that campers feel as safe as possible when staying at Spring Farm. We have therefore instated the following temporary measures in the interest of reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 on site:

  • We have reduced the number of pitches available at any one time to 8. This will allow plenty of spacing of units and also reduce the number of individuals using the facilities at peak times.

  • We have always prided ourselves on our clean facilities, however cleaning routines have obviously been stepped up to include more frequent and more thorough cleans and routine disinfection of handles, taps, latches etc. 

  • Unfortunately we will not be able to re-freeze customer's ice packs


We also respectfully expect campers to:

  • Cancel their booking if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and to leave the site if they or any members of their household develop symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Wash hands frequently. Hand sanitiser (at least 60% alcohol content) is available in all toilets and hot running water and soap are available in the wash area. 

  • Maintain social distancing (minimum 2 meters) with other campers and site owners. Only one family to use the wash area at a time. Campers are politely requested to either wait outside or come back later (with the exception of hand washing, in which case, common sense should be used). 

  • Minimise contact with campsite owners by telephoning us for requests or queries, as opposed to knocking at the house, where possible. 

  • Where possible, make payment via internet banking. If this isn't an option, cash can still be accepted.

  • Consider using their own onboard facilities as much as reasonably possible if staying in a caravan or motorhome, to minimise the number of guests using toilets and washing up sinks.


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